In Sickness And In Health! LL Cool J And Simone Smith's Marriage Became Stronger When She Fought Cancer

Date April 2, 2019 11:52

LL Cool J and his wife Simone Smith are one of those rare show business couples whose marriage is meant to last.


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LL (or simply Todd) and Simone have been together since their teens. They met in early ’80s and tied the knot in 1998. They have four beautiful children and one grandchild, and their marriage remains rock-solid. Their union became even stronger after Simone's cancer battle.


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How the ordeal strengthened their marriage

In 2004, Simone felt a strange lump in her shin. Tests revealed something she and her husband had never expected to hear: she had bone cancer.


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Simone was devastated and cried for days after she was diagnosed, but her husband was her rock, telling her she’d be fine. Fortunately, the disease was discovered in time and Simone had a good prognosis. Todd was by her side throughout treatment, putting his work commitments on hold to spend more time with his dear wife.


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Simone was soon declared cancer-free. After reconstructive surgery, she had to spend months in rehabilitation, learning to walk again. In an interview with Oprah eight years after the whole ordeal was over, Simone said “it actually made the marriage stronger.”


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Todd added, choking up:

It’s not a battle, you know, you don’t abandon someone in that foxhole. You gotta be there in that foxhole with them.


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The couple’s dedication to cancer research support

Simone acknowledges she’s lucky she survived. Having to go through such a trying period inspired her and Todd to raise money for cancer research.

LL said at a Breast Cancer Research Fund’s event that not only is it important to find a cure, but it’s also vital to make it accessible to everyone who needs it:

I will say this is really important that we do research – because that is the only way that we can find a cure – and if we find a cure, then we can figure out to make sure all the people who need the cure have it.


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Simone and LL are such an inspiration and example to follow!

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