Princess Beatrice Praises Her "Misunderstood" Mom Sarah Ferguson: "She Is Just Remarkable"

Date September 6, 2018

Sarah Ferguson’s fall from grace

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s love story had a beautiful start. They met in 1985 and announced their engagement the following year. The couple tied the knot on July 23, 1986. The ceremony was a splendid spectacle!


The Duke and Duchess of York welcomed their first child, Princess Beatrice, in 1988. Their second daughter, Princess Eugenie, was born in 1990.


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Although Prince Andrew and his wife loved each other, they had to spend a lot of time apart because of his service in the navy. In 1992, the couple announced their separation.

They may have hoped to get back together, but their hopes were dashed when British tabloids published indecent photographs of the Duchess of York in the company of another man.

Prince Andrew and his wife had to get divorced, which they did, in 1996. There was no other way around that incident, which the public could forgive with time, but the royal family found completely unacceptable.

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Despite the circumstances of their divorce, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew remained on good terms. They co-parented their two daughters and have only good things to say about each other. The Duchess of York said in one interview with The Guardian:

He's so amazing. We're the happiest divorced couple in the world.


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Princess Beatrice looks up to her mom

Princess Beatrice, who is 30 now, has already accomplished a lot. She works with a business consultancy firm, and she’s also involved with multiple charities, including Big Change, the one she co-founded with her friends.


In an interview with Hello! magazine, the Princess spoke about her charity work and people who inspire her. When asked about her role models, Princess Beatrice mentioned her grandmother, the Queen, and her mom, Sarah Ferguson.


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Speaking about her mom’s qualities, Princess Beatrice said:

I admire my mother so much because she’s probably one of the most misunderstood women in the world. She has taught me over the years that anything is possible, no matter where you think the world is going to put you next. Joy is still coming around the corner, and the joy will be there. We’ve been through some incredibly stressful times together as a family, and every single minute she created joy. I am so lucky that I get to learn from her every single day. I’m inspired by her ability to give, even when she’s going through something hard. Her grandmother always said, 'When you feel bad about yourself, go out there and do something for somebody else.' That’s an incredible motto that my family has always lived by. My mother is just remarkable.


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She also spoke about their close relationship and mutual trust:

She’s incredibly real, and she’s my best friend. We talk about everything. Nothing is off the table. When I go up onstage, trying to think about how I’m going to make a speech, I [can hear my] mom’s voice in my head going, 'Come on! Off we go!'


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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have a great relationship with their mom

We think even people who criticize Sarah Ferguson can agree with one thing: She's a good mom. In an interview with Hello! magazine, Ferguson said:

I think the one thing I've done incredibly well – although I say it myself – is that I'm a really good mom. And I think that my girls show that.


At the same time, the Duchess of York admitted she’s made mistakes, but those became teachable moments for her daughters:

They've learnt from my mistakes thousands of them. It's great.


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Although she’s been divorced from Prince Andrew for more than two decades, the Duke and Duchess and their girls are still a family of four. Ferguson said:

We're a family unit and we lead by example. We support each other emotionally and we support each other health-wise. At least every two weeks we sit down together and communicate, all four of us. We talk about what we're doing, about our work, and about our health.


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Love her or hate her, there’s at least one thing Sarah Ferguson is doing right she makes her daughters happy.

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