She's A Proud Grandma! Joy Behar Has A 7-Year-Old Grandson And He Looks A Lot Like Her

Date December 11, 2018

Joy Behar, a veteran host of The View, has one child – a daughter named Eve. Joy gave birth to Eve in 1970, when she was married to Joe Behar, a college professor. Eve looks a lot like her mom!

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Becoming grandma for the first time

In 2007, Eve married Alphonso Scotti, a physician assistant at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. Four years later, in 2011, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Luca Behar Scotti.

Joy was overwhelmed when her grandson was born. She introduced 8-months-old Luca and his parents to the world during an interview with Anderson Cooper. Joy looked so proud of her family!

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Luca is already 7 years old, and you can see he has some of his grandma’s features. The boy didn’t inherit his mom and grandma’s red hair, but he does have their brown eyes.

Joy has a tight schedule, but she always carves out time to see her daughter and grandson.

The time when little Luca got his grandma in trouble

As everyone who watches The View knows, Joy Behar isn’t always capable of holding her tongue. That lack of filter sometimes lands her in trouble, even with her own family.

When Luca was three years old, he started dropping F-bombs every now and then, Joy recalled on the show. He even said the four-letter word at his nursery school. When his mom found out about it, she immediately had an explanation: Luca learned the word from his grandma! He may have accidentally heard her say it and picked it up right away.


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Anyway, it must be fun for Luca to have Joy as his grandma.

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