Divorce, Kidnapping And Funeral: Celebrity Psychic Makes Chilling Predictions About Royal Family For 2019

Date July 9, 2019 12:11

Psychic Nikki hit the world with a new installment of her predictions. The woman, who also says she’s a clairvoyant, specializes in predicting events, from big to small, for the year ahead.

Apparently, Nikki has been having her special powers, which she inherited from her dad, since she was born. According to her website, Cher, Rod Stewart, Tom Cruise, Shirley MacLaine, and many more celebs have become her clients.

With a plethora of predictions for 2019, here’s what Psychic Nikki said about the British royals.

Tough year

With roughly 6 months left untill the end of 2019, the British royal family needs to stay extra vigilant. The psychic predicted the birth of a royal baby, as well as a royal divorce.

She noted that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have another child very soon and that the couple will have a residence in another country.

Nikki warned Kate and William to watch their marriage, and Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh to watch their health.

The chilling predictions didn’t stop there. The psychic envisioned a bomb attack on Buckingham Palace, royal funerals, and a kidnapping in the family.

Moreover, the psychic noted the Queen might become a victim of an assassination attempt which she followed by another ominous prophecy – change in the British monarchy.

On the good note, it seems like it’s time for a royal baby boom as Princess Eugenie and Kate Middleton will, supposedly, announce their pregnancies.

Which predictions look realistic so far?

There have been rumors that the Sussex couple is planning to relocate to another country, naming Africa and the US as main contestants.

Kate and Eugenie’s pregnancy speculations have been on since the very beginning of this year as well.

Yet, we can’t help but think that 6 months is a very short amount of time for so many things to happen at once. But how do you feel about it?