Olivia Newton-John Bares Soul On Her Devastating Miscarriages Before Becoming Mother At 38

Date March 15, 2019 12:59

Olivia Newton-John calls her daughter, Chloe, “the greatest pleasure and achievement” of her life. Chloe helped her to get through a painful divorce and fight loneliness.


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But at one point in her life, Newton-John thought she will never be a mother, even though she always wanted to.

Struggles with pregnancy

In her new memoir, the Grease star reveals she had suffered multiple miscarriages before getting pregnant with Chloe and another one four years later.


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She writes about her devastating experience:

Each time my heart was broken.

While expecting her first baby, Newton-John was closely monitored by doctors because she was considered “an older mother” at 38 years old.


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The actress feared at first that things will go wrong with her pregnancy but with time she managed to leave her worries in the past and started planning for the future with her baby in it.


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Luckily, Chloe entered this world in 1986, born a few weeks prematurely. Olivia was the happiest human being in the world.


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Sadly, the miscarriages continued, but the actress says she’s not complaining:

I had a beautiful child, and if I never have another child, I’m blessed already. I can’t complain.


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Having Chloe was a real-life miracle and Newton-John cherishes her only child every single day.  

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