‘Good Doctor’ Alex Park Is Divorced With Mia On Screen, But In Real Life The Actors Are Happily Married

Date April 5, 2019 16:13

What do we know about one of Good Doctor main characters, Alex Park? He used to be a police officer who decided to become a doctor. At one point in his life, he met the woman who stole his heart, Mia Wuellner, and the two got married.


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But, unfortunately, their union didn’t last. Alex caught Mia cheating and the two parted ways. However, later, the doctor wished to reconcile his marriage.


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Not many know that in real life the actors who play Alex and Mia are actually happily married!


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They have a strong family

Will Yun Lee tied the knot with Jennifer Birmingham in 2010 in a gorgeous ceremony surrounded by 200 guests. The actor admits that the best part of their special day was sharing the celebration of love with the people they cherish the most.


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Since then, the couple has been married for 9 years and they absolutely love it!


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In 2013, Lee and Birmingham welcomed their first child together, son Cash. His birth has brought a lot of happiness in the couple’s life, which is evident from many Instagram posts shared by proud parents.


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Jennifer Birmingham and Will Yun Lee isn't the first couple on Good Doctor, who are married in real life. Sheila Kelley and Richard Schiff wedded in 1996 but they probably had no idea that Schiff will have to propose to Kelley again, but this time on the screen.

What a lovely pair they are!

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