He’s Mine! Kate Hudson, Alex Rodriguez, And Cameron Diaz Might’ve Been Involved In Bizarre Love Triangle Once

Date May 23, 2019 13:59

Not many know this but Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson were an item back in 2008. Surprisingly, the two were rarely photographed together but Hudson always came to A-Rod’s games to support him. 

The reason for the couple’s breakup remains a mystery. Some people believe that the actress was more interested in the publicity she got from dating Rodriquez than Alex himself.

However, it appears that the feelings were there as Kate was enraged that her fellow actress Cameron Diaz dated her former beau.

The strange love triangle

According to Us Weekly, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz were involved in a catfight because of Alex Rodriguez.


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It is believed that The Mask star dated A-Rod as a way of payback because Hudson hooked up with her ex Justin Timberlake just 2 days after they broke off their 4-year relationship.

Diaz and Timberlake had an intense love affair so it’s not surprising that the actress might have decided to have a little revenge when she found out that Hudson and Rodriguez were no longer together.

However, it appears that the two Hollywood beauties put their differences behind. Diaz and Hudson were spotted at Oscars party a few years later, embracing each other as they posed for cameras.

It’s great to see that their similar taste in men didn’t ruin their relationship after all.