Kathie Lee Gifford Claims Craig Ferguson Is Her Dearest Friend, Even Though He Doesn’t Believe In God

Date May 23, 2019

Religion has always played a big part in Kathie Lee Gifford’s life. So much so, she is not willing to date someone who doesn’t share her beliefs.


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The former Today show’s anchor revealed that she was on one date since her husband passed away in 2015 but it wasn’t a very lucky one.

Even though Gifford says that faith is her life and she doesn’t want to spend her time with someone who doesn’t have the same passion about it, she makes an acceptation for one person, comedian Craig Ferguson.

Unlikely friendship

Recently, the former Today show anchor traveled to New York for a special occasion. She was there to honor her dear friend Craig Ferguson and talk about his new book, Riding The Elephant: A Memoir of Altercations, Humiliations, Hallucinations, and Observations.


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Gifford said:

I loved the book because it's just like the man that I love. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and he doesn't have a false bone in his body.


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Kathie Lee and Graig have been close friends for years. The Scottish comedian noted that their friendship is very unlikely because he is a self-proclaimed agnostic and Gifford can’t live without faith.


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He said:

I think it's really important to have strong emotional, affectionate bonds with people that you don't necessarily agree with. It's called having a family. Being a human being.

Kathie Lee thinks Ferguson is "one of the most brilliant people in the world" and they enjoy working side by side.


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The two wrote a movie together and in the process of looking for the distributor. It would be interesting to see the fruits of the labor of this “unlikely” pair.