Renowned Psychic Made A Prediction About Meghan And Harry’s Relationship: Their Marriage Won’t Last

Date July 15, 2019

A spirit medium Susan De Vere has been hailed as ‘new Nostradamus’ ages ago and she gained her nickname for a reason.

De Vere made phenomenal predictions concerning the world’s most notable events like Brexit and of, course, the royal wedding.

When Harry and Meghan were just dating, Susan revealed that the two will get engaged in November and get married in Summer/Spring. How crazy is that?

She noted that the wedding will take place after Kate gives birth to her third baby, who she said is a boy. But De Vere made another prediction about Meghan and Harry and it’s not a happy one.

Ominous prophecy

Susan De Vere posted a few predictions on her Facebook page about the Sussex couple’s future and let us warn you, it doesn’t look good.

The medium shared that Meghan and Harry will have one more child in the future. However, their marriage won’t last.

De Vere also noted that the ginger royal will live between two countries and even establish his own business.

No matter whether you believe in her saddening prognoses or not, it’s still not a very nice feeling to read them, isn’t it?

Psychics continue to pile on

However, Susan is not the only medium who predicted the end of the Sussex couple. Princess Diana’s psychic Simone Simmons thinks that Meghan and Harry’s marriage won’t last longer than 3 years.

Another psychic, Kerrie Erwin, also thinks the couple’s union is doomed and even their children won’t stop it from breaking apart.

We certainly hope that Meghan and Harry’s marriage will get stronger with time, despite the heartbreaking prophecies.