Diana's Psychic Claims Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew Will Be Back Together But Under One Condition

Date June 21, 2019 10:36

Despite their divorce in 1996, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s relationship are surrounded by many rumors.


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The pair still looks like a couple with many fans believing that the two are actually dating but keep their rekindled love in secret.


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The main question is whether they will ever remarry, and the spirits think they will!

We might witness another royal wedding

Princess Diana's psychic Simone Simmons made a series of bombshell predictions recently. One of them was concerning Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.


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Simmons assured all the fans who are rooting for the couple to reunite that Sarah and Andrew will remarry in the future, but under one major condition.


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She said the wedding bells for the York duo will ring after the royal family faces a tragic event – the passing of its eldest member, the Queen’s husband Prince Philip.


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Simone explained:

I think that Sarah and Andrew will remarry but not until Prince Philip dies. I'll be over the moon for them when that happens. Sarah and Andrew are still totally in love.


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Many royal fans will be over the moon as well. It’s hard not to see the tender relationship Andrew and Sarah have managed to keep throughout so many years.


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If they do decide to tie the knot once again, it will be much easier for them this time as they won’t require the Queen’s permission.


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Prince Andrew was pushed lower down the line to the British throne so he can now marry whomever she wishes. We hope he chooses Sarah!