Hilarious Video Showing Donald Trump Dancing To ‘Stand By Me’ Exploded The Internet

Date November 29, 2018

Donald Trump likes to demonstrate he has a fun side by showing off his dance skills. He has moved his arms and legs to a piece of music on many occasions, even taking part in the Saturday Night Live parody of Drake’s hit Hotline Bling back in 2015.

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He also participated in a ceremonial sword dance in Saudi Arabia last year.

But it seems that throughout the years, the current American leader has developed his own dancing style, which he demonstrated at a church service in Detroit.

Recently, another video has emerged on the internet where the President showed off his moves once again, this time with a partner.

Hilarious dancing

The new video shows Donald Trump awkwardly swaying and clapping on stage with Ben Carson as Beau Davidson performs his own rendition of Stand By Me, changing it to 'Donald, we'll stand by you.'

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Davidson tweaked the lyrics of Ben E. King’s 1961 hit specifically for Trump, singing:

So Donald, Donald stand by us, and we'll stand by you. It don't matter where we go. It don't matter what Hillary does, as long as we're with you. Stand by me.

What can we say, his dancing skills are surely questionable, but at least he tried.

What do people think?

We can’t be good at everything, can we?

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