Samantha Markle Claims Meghan’s Brother Thomas Jr. Is In Danger: “He Needs...Serious Treatment”

Date January 22, 2019

Meghan Markle inherited her love of healthy living from her mother. The Duchess is a well-known yogi, who likes to exercise and eat well. It was reported that she even influenced her husband, Prince Harry, to make healthy choices in life.

Samantha Markle Claims Meghan’s Brother Thomas Jr. Is In Danger: “He Needs...Serious Treatment”Getty Images / Ideal Image

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It is believed that the British Prince quit smoking, got a personal trainer, and consulted with a nutritionist. All that effort already helped him to drop around 10 pounds since he and Markle announced their engagement.

It’s obvious that the mom-to-be wants the father of her child to be healthier and live longer, which is totally understandable. However, it turned out that one of her relativities desperately needs her help, too.

Brother in trouble

Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, opened up about her brother Thomas Jr., who shares the same father with the Duchess. According to her, Thomas is in big trouble and needs serious help.

The Duchess’ half-brother was recently arrested for drunk-driving and it was the latest addition to his numerous alcohol-related arrests.

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Samantha said:

One of the saddest facts of alcoholism is that it often takes hitting rock bottom to get treatment.

Markle shared that Thomas has been struggling with alcohol addiction for years but she hopes now he will get treatment.

It’s dangerous. He needs a serious treatment program and you don’t treat years of alcoholism with one month of treatment.

So why did Samantha decide to speak publically about her brother’s problems? She calls it “tough love”.

It’s sad because no matter what he is my little brother and I don’t want to see him hurt, but that’s called tough love and if people don’t like the truth that’s too bad.

But the main question is: will Meghan get involved and help her half-brother? We doubt that. Even though Thomas Jr. claimed he would invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to his wedding, which is planned for spring, it’s hard to believe that this gesture will change their relationship.

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