Michael Bublé Claims His 4-Month-Old Daughter Looks Just Like Her Mom: "It’s Like Holding My Little Baby Wife"

Date November 30, 2018

Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato have become parents for the third time! The couple welcomed a baby daughter, whom they named Vida.


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But it’s not just the name they liked. Vida has a very special meaning: in Spanish it means ‘life.’ The couple is ecstatic to finally have the girl that they always wanted. Bublé commented:

It was a beautiful miracle for us. We always wanted to have a little girl and we have two beautiful boys so it was perfection.


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Little Vida is now 4 months-old and according to her loving daddy, she looks just like her stunning mother.

Little mother’s lookalike

In his recent interview with PEOPLE, the mellifluous singer revealed that his baby daughter took after her mom, Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato.


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He said:

She’s beautiful, with blue eyes and is already really expressive. I love that she looks like my wife. It’s like holding my little baby wife.


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He continued by saying that little Vida is a happy kid that likes to smile:

She smiles a lot and tries to sort of talk just like her brothers did.


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Talking about her brothers, Bublé previously opened up about his son’s cancer, saying that it completely changed his life.

There was a time when I lost my identity. I’m different than I used to be. I’m much happier and much sadder, but now I’m enjoying the good time.


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The hardships of the past two years took a toll on the Canadian singer. So much so, there were rumors that he was retiring from music. However, Bublé is still singing and is not planning to leave. Moreover, to the joy of his fans, he is planning to go on tour in 2019 to celebrate his recent album, Love, and debunk all the rumors once and for all.

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