'Food Network' Star Donatella Arpaia Shares What It’s Like To Be A Mother At 47 Years Old

Date February 1, 2019 10:24

Donatella Arpaia has had a long road to motherhood. The celebrity chef had her first child at 40 years old, but getting pregnant again became a big struggle.

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The Food Network star had lived through 5 years of 5 unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization. Her frustration and anger were endless, so she and her husband, Allan Stewart, made a decision to stop.

But one conversation completely changed Arpaia’s life. Talking to Hoda Kotb helped her to open her heart to new possibilities and new future. So the chef did one last round of IVF – and magic happened.

Mom again

At 47 years old, Donatella Arpaia has become a mother again. She welcomed twins, son Noah Christian and daughter Emma Mariella, in November 2018.

The happy mother, who is already raising a son Alessandro with Stewart, commented:

God enriched our life with two little miracles! We are filled with gratitude and joy.

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Arpaia admits she was surprised that she even got pregnant, but when she found out she is expecting tweens, she was in complete shock.

However, the most interesting part is how she found out about her pregnancy. One night, Alessandro, who is now 7, woke up his parents and told them about the crazy dream he had. He said to his mom:

God told me that you’re going to have two babies — not one, but two babies. They’re going to be a boy and a girl and their names are going to be Noah and Emma.

The celebrity chef became hopeful again and gave IFV another try. In May, she found out that she was pregnant. Now, Arpaia encourages other women to not get discouraged, saying:

If you want it, nothing should stop you from having a family. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Donatella’s story only proves that miracles can happen, but the most important thing is to never give up.

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