84-Year-Old Legend Sophia Loren Claims She Has The Most Beautiful Grandchildren In The World

Date November 19, 2018

Sophia Loren was an icon of her time. Talented, beautiful – she was, and still is, one of those women guys want to get, and girls want to be like.


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Loren was born in Rome, Italy in a torn-apart family. Her father was married to another woman but also had two kids with her mother. He refused to leave his wife and was never present in his kids’ life. Her childhood, filled with sadness, made her want to have a happy and strong family of her own.


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In 1950, 16-year-old Loren met her future husband, 37-year-old Carlo Ponti Sr. The couple married each other twice as their first marriage was annulled in order to avoid bigamy charges because Ponti Sr. wasn’t legally divorced from his previous wife. The two went on having 2 sons together.

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Now Sophia is a proud grandma and it looks like her 4 grandchildren have inherited her striking looks.

What did Loren say about her grandkids?

In one of her interviews, the Italian stunner talked about the secrets behind her timeless beauty. As it turns out, it’s not all about makeup and other artificial things, it’s rather your ‘inner beauty’ which shines from within that erases years from your face.


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And what fuels Loren’s inner beauty? Her life, which, according to the actress, is filled with love and family. She revealed:

I live for my family.


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But her biggest pride is her 4 grandchildren, whom she finds very good-looking.

I have the most beautiful grandchildren that I've ever seen in my life.


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Well, we are not surprised, having a grandma like that.

A family is the most important thing in the world

When talking to IndyStar, Sophia once said that she always wanted to have a good family and a good husband. And she got what she dreamed of.

My family is united. I am rich from the birth of these four grandchildren. In my life, I always took care of my family. I always wanted to have a united family. And my two sons, they are magic children for me. I am a very happy woman.


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So, now we know Sophia’s secret to ageless beauty and happiness – love.

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