Whoopi Goldberg Shares Regrets About Being Unfaithful In Her 3 Failed Marriages: "I Made Mistakes"

Date March 28, 2019

Whoopi Goldberg has always been honest about her relationships, even when it comes to the ones that miserably failed.

But the actress claims that she is the reason for that.

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Goldberg believes that her 3 marriages weren’t successful because of her, because she wasn’t really in love. She says she never felt a strong commitment to her husbands, as well as the desire to make the relationships work.


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But, despite that, Whoopi has some regrets about the past she wishes she could have changed.

“I made mistakes”

Recently Goldberg defended Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, who was caught on cheating. She said that we should hear the whole story before jumping into judgment. The actress also revealed that she can understand Jesse because she had been in the same situation before.


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She confessed:

I did it (cheated) five or six times... Yes, I screwed around while I was married, yeah. I made mistakes too. It happens sometimes.


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Goldberg noted that, perhaps, James wanted to marry a star, but couldn’t deal with the consequences.

But will Whoopi say 'I do' ever again after such a difficult relationship history?

Perhaps not. She believes that she is happier being single. The TV star doesn’t want to be with anyone forever or share a living space with someone.

Fair enough, if that what makes her happy, then we should respect her decision. Who knows, maybe Whoopi will meet someone who will change her mind someday.

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