Are Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Feelings Real? Body Language Experts Share The Answer

Date January 16, 2019

Chris Pratt shared the happy news with the millions of his followers. The actor announced that he is engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger, who is the daughter of the former Governor of California and our favorite Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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Pratt posted an incredibly sweet photo of him and his fiancée, who showcased a stunning engagement ring, on his Instagram account.


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Even though we can’t hold our awww’s when looking at those two, body language experts analyzed their photos together and revealed what Chris and Katherine truly feel to each other.

What does their body language say?

It feels like Pratt split with his wife Anna Faris just yesterday, but he is already moving on with his life with big steps. The actor, who is raising a son with Faris, and his new love’s body language shows that although their engagement seemed to be very quick, the two feel very comfortable with each other.


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Body language expert Traci Brown says:

Overall they have a great thinggoing. If my suspicions are right, they're doing their best to show that to the world with the pics they post. I think we'll see lots more great times from them.



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Even before their engagement, the couple seemed to be genuinely happy and in love. Brown comments:

These two are great together. I love the big smiles and they're smiling with their eyes. That's real happiness. Looks like they have a ton of fun.



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So our verdict? It’s love, ladies and gentleman, it’s true love.         

What do we know about Katherine?

Besides having a very famous last name and a well-known grandma, Eunice Kennedy – President John F. Kennedy’s younger sister – Katherine Schwarzenegger is a very accomplished young woman.


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Schwarzenegger has made herself known in the literary as an author as she released quite a few books covering a variety of topics –  from sharing confidence tips to giving advice for university graduates. She’s quite a jewel, isn’t she?

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