He Is Such A Sweetie! Prince Harry Glows With Pride As He Sweetly Speaks About Meghan's Pregnancy

Date October 29, 2018 15:12

Prince Harry can’t stop gushing about his gorgeous wife and their growing baby. Having announced that Meghan is expecting the couple’s first child, the Duke and Duchess are continuing their royal tour. And now that the pregnancy is not a secret anymore, the British prince has opened up about expecting a baby.


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The last time he brought up his wife and their child in a speech was pretty adorable and proves that he will be an amazing dad.

The heart-melting speech

The royal couple touched down in Wellington for a five-day tour of New Zealand. As the Sussex family entered Abel Tasman National Park, they were greeted by local Māori, who performed a traditional welcome, which includes dancing, the blowing of a conch shell, and rubbing noses with guests.


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Prince Harry thanked the Māori for their warm greeting with a little speech, in which he sweetly mentioned Meghan and their growing baby. The father-to-be said:

From myself and my wife and our little bump, we are so grateful to be here. We bring blessings from my grandmother the Queen and our family.

He Is Such A Sweetie! Prince Harry Glows With Pride As He Sweetly Speaks About Meghan's Pregnancygettyimages

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Awww, he is definitely excited to be a parent for the first time, isn’t he?

But whom he wants more – a boy or a girl?

As it turns out, Prince Harry is dreaming of fathering a daughter. During an event in Australia, the ginger royal was walking through the crowd of fans when one of them yelled to him, "I hope it's a girl!" Harry couldn’t hear what she said, and when she repeated that she hopes it’s a girl, the prince quickly responded "So do I!" as he walked away.


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If it is a girl, he’s probably going to spoil his little princess, don’t you think?

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