Samantha Markle Claims Meghan’s Fans Verbally Abuse Her And Threaten To Throw Acid In Her Face

Date January 10, 2019 10:59

Let’s ask each other one question: “Who is Samantha Markle and why do we know about her?” The answer is quite simple. She constantly makes headlines by leaving nasty comments about her half-sister, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.


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From claiming she would blame the Duchess if their father passes away to accusing her of being fake, Samantha always finds a new outrageous way to really lay into Meghan.

However, it seems that despite the silent treatment she gets from her half-sister, the former actress’ followers are not letting Samantha's comments slide so easily.

'Terrorizing' fans

Samantha revealed that she gets terrorized by online trolls on a daily basis. The 54-year-old claims that she feels that her life is in danger after receiving threats from Meghan’s fans, who, according to her, even plan to throw acid in her face.


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Markle says she struggles with online abuse 'day and night' with people calling her a 'dangerous stalker.' She comments:

I have to use an electric wheelchair. So how anybody can call me a threat or a stalker is absolutely absurd. If anything I am the one being disparaged and stalked.

Samantha thinks that Meghan’s fans go through her public records and make her look 'horrible and abusive' which she believes she is not. It’s definitely a topic to argue about, but Markle’s actions really make us think that she gets what she asks for.

Her recent endeavor only confirms that. Last year she revealed that she is releasing a book about the Duchess, which will tell behind-the-scenes things the world has no clue about.

To make it even worse, Samantha plans to launch the book around her half-sister’s due date to steal her thunder. No wonder some people are not particularly happy with her.

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