Teary-Eyed Alan Jackson Melts Hearts With His Emotional Performance Of ‘Remember When’

Date October 16, 2018

Alan Jackson has once again proved he is a true country royalty. The Georgia native has started his music career in 1983 and since then, he has released many hit albums and has won numerous awards, including Grammy and the American Music Awards.

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At 59, Alan Jackson is still mesmerizing the public with his perfomances. He continues to be one of the most prominent artists in country music history and doesn’t even think of retiring. Jackson once commented:

As long as I’m still able to have a hit on the radio and sell a few albums and some tickets, I don’t see that it would be worth retiring.

Incredible performance

During his appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in October 2015, the country singer showed everyone why he is one of the best musicians in the industry. Jackson was one with the crowd as he charmed the audience with the gentle music and heart-touching words.

For the occasion, Alan chose to perform Remember When, which is one of his most memorable songs. In a video released by Orly, the singer is performing the hit song.

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Jackson couldn’t hold his emotions when tears started dripping down his eyes during his emotional performance, showing he is still deeply connected to the words he wrote a decade ago.

The singer once said:

 A country song is a song about life.

And Remember When fully reflects his statement. In the song, Jackson looks back on his life with his wife, starting from the beginning of their relationship, and travels into the future when their children have grown and moved away, remembering when they were young.

It truly is a masterpiece of country music and it always awakens emotions when we listen to it. Do you like this song?

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