Julia Roberts Reveals How Losing Her Dad At 9 Changed Her Life And Shaped Her As A Parent

Date December 18, 2018

Julia Roberts is known for her famous Hollywood smile that lights up the screen whenever she appears on it. But there is a tragic loss that hides behind that pearly-white green. When Roberts was just 9 years old, she lost one of the closest people in her life, her beloved father.


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Her parents divorced when she was 5 and her mom took her and her older sister Lisa to live in Smyrna. Four years later the tragedy hit Julia when her dad passed away after battling with cancer. That heartbreaking loss changed her profoundly, leaving a giant wound in her heart.

How losing a father affected Julia

When talking about her father’s passing, Roberts says that it made a life-changing effect on her. She explained:

I think when you lose a parent as a young person, it takes away that dreamy quality of life that kids should be allowed. I think you are forever changed.


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The actress says it profoundly impacted her life, including the way she raises her three kids. Roberts commented:

Now as a parent, I recognize that it is right around that age that you start to become independent as a soul in the world from your parents and realize that you’re not one thing and you start to worry. That’s around the age that my kids started saying “Mom, will anything ever happen to you”, that starts to be a part of your developmental anxiety.


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She continues by saying how losing her dad young changed her perspective on such anxiety.

So the fact that my father passed in that same kind of moment, it does inform you in ways that don’t reveal themselves until much later. But it definitely put me in the place of quiet.

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It’s not the only tragedy that Julia had to go through. In 2015, her mother passed away, too. Roberts says she is still adjusting to life without the only parent she had left but her children helped her to deal with grief.


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Now Julia is focused on her career, starring in a new TV series “Homecoming,” putting on that famous smile once again.

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