Swedish Woman Claims She’s Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter And Lisa Marie Is An Imposter


February 8, 2019 17:10 By Fabiosa

In 1999, the world was shaken by a shocking claim. The Swedish Aftonbladet printed an interview with a woman, who believed she is the real daughter of a music legend, Elvis Presley.

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Lisa Johansen stated that she was 9 years old when she arrived in Gothenburg with Priscilla Presley in 1979, who later left her there for ‘security reasons'. Johansen was supposed to stay in Sweden in secret till she turns 25.


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The woman claims that Lisa Marie Presley is not Elvis’ real daughter, she is.

Is Lisa Marie an imposter?

According to Radar, Lisa Johansen said that she was switched after the King of Rock and Roll passed away and sent to Scandinavia.


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When she was growing up in a faraway land, Lisa Marie supposedly took her place and became known to the public eye as Elvis’ daughter.


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Even though the Presley family called her ‘delusional’, Johansen made a secret trip to Graceland to honor her diseased ‘father'.

An eyewitness claimed that Lisa appeared to be very emotional and overwhelmed as she laid flowers on his grave.

A scandalous book and a lawsuit

In 1998, Lisa Johansen wrote a scandalous memoir titled I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley's Real Daughter, where she claimed to the whole world that she is Elvis’ real daughter. Later, she tried to sue Presley’s estate for $130 million for ‘emotional distress’, saying that Lisa Marie stole her identity in order to prevent Johansen from getting her rightful inheritance.

However, the shocking news cooled down after Johansen refused to prove her words by taking a DNA test, which led her to be sued by her publisher. Then the woman declared that she submitted to a test, which is now in London.

Lisa Johansen still claims that the events described in the book are true and that she has been harassed by the Presley family after the passing of her ‘father'. Do you believe her?

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