Does Prince Harry Feel Uncomfortable Around His Mother-In-Law, Doria Ragland? Body Language Expert Gives Her Verdict

Date October 2, 2018

After her first appearance at daughter's royal wedding, Doria Ragland won the hearts of many royal fans around the world, and it seemed like she was warmly accepted by the royal family.


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Many people, who watched Meghan and Harry’s nuptials, noted how especially welcoming was the groom’s dad, Prince Charles, as he appeared to make sure Doria felt comfortable.


As many experts concluded, the future king of England treated the mother of his daughter-in-law with respect, doing all he could to include her in the family.


But how his youngest son feels about Ragland?

The powerful trio, Meghan, Doria, and Harry, appeared together to mark new Duchess’ first solo venture as an official member of the royal family.


The proud look in the Prince’s eyes when he watched his wife speak in public for the first time melted many hearts on social media. But what his interactions with Meghan’s mom can say about their relationship?


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According to body language expert Judi James, Harry appears “shy and a little bit intimidated” around Doria. James reveals:

 Harry's body language suggests he's stepping back slightly to allow the real power double act to shine.


It is evident from how he walked behind Ragland when they just arrived and kept a space between them instead of engaging with her.

Harry's dad Prince Charles used far more reassurance and touch rituals with Doria on Harry and Meghan's wedding day but Harry seems more compliant and just a tiny bit intimidated like most new husbands are by their mothers-in-law.


Earlier this year royal correspondent Omid Scobie wrote on Twitter, that Doria has a close relationship with Harry.

In his and Meghan’s engagement interview, the royal said that his mother-in-law is ‘amazing’, so it’s fair to think the two get on very well.

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