Donald Trump Never Loses Dignity, Even When He Boards A Plane With What Looks Like Toilet Paper Stuck To His Shoe

Date October 8, 2018

Donald Trump is not an easy target for embarrassment. He knows how to handle 'awkward' situations with self-respect, even if he is the only one who thinks so.

Previously, the President put an end to his hair/wig conspiracy by a tweet saying that he does not wear a wig. If you jab at Mr. Trump, be sure to get a response.


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But we wonder how he will get out of his recent gaffe that nobody has ever expected to happen. Mr. Trump boarded Air Force One today with a white tissue, which looked very much like toilet paper, stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

The President traveled to Minnesota to appear at a rally when he was filmed confidently walking up the stairs to his plane, completely unaware of the piece of paper, firmly attached to his left shoe. It was only when Mr. Trump reached the top of the stairs to turn around and wave to the crowd when the paper finally unstuck.

People reacted on Twitter

Naturally, Donald’s embarrassing incident wasn’t left unnoticed as many social media users immediately pointed out the President’s shoe fiasco.

Many people wondered why no one told him about it, while others are convinced that Trump himself will laugh at this situation.

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