Expert Shares What Will Happen To Meghan And Harry When William Is A King: "There’s Only Going To Be One Winner"

Date November 28, 2018

We are slowly but surely getting closer to the time when the United Kingdom crowns the new king. The royal protocol states that the Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles, will be the one who puts on the crown next. However, the majority of Brits want to see another person on the throne.


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A poll conducted exclusively for The Sun reveals that 51 percent of the British public want Prince William to be the next King with only 22 percent supporting his father.


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But what will happen if the 36-year-old royal does become the country’s monarch?

There will be no Meghan and Harry show

Princess Diana’s former head of security, Ken Wharfe, claims that at the moment, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are winning the popularity game.


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However, royal author Robert Jobson believes that the dynamic will change after Prince William becomes a King. He said:

There’s only going to be one winner and that’s William and Kate, because he’s going to be the King and she’s going to be Queen. There will probably be no space for the Meghan and Harry show.


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Jobson added that the father-of-three is already preparing for his future role as he and his brother are dividing their offices to no longer appear as “one big unit.”


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In one of his recent interviews, Prince William said that he doesn’t “lie awake waiting to be king” but he will make sure that the British monarchy will develop and modernize. But we wonder what place in his modern “kingdom” will Prince Harry take along with his wife?

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