Samantha Markle Accused Of Photoshopping Pictures Of Her Dad That Show Their 'Happy' Thanksgiving Together

Date November 27, 2018

It seems that since Meghan Markle announced her engagement to Prince Harry, her half-sister Samantha has been doing everything to steal her thunder. Earlier this year, she wrote Meghan a letter, pleading the Duchess to make amends with their father, Thomas Markle.


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In the letter, Samantha asks Meghan to do “the right thing,” admitting that the Markle family has said some things in the ‘clumsy’ way. But it seems that her efforts were met with silence, yet again.


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Now Samantha, who previously accused Meghan of ignoring “gravely ill” Thomas, decided to demonstrate the close bond she has with her dad but people in social media are not convinced.

Thanksgiving holiday with the Markles

It appears that Meghan’s half-sister spent the Thanksgiving holiday with her dad as she posted two photos of them together on social media. Samantha showed off the close bond they have and preached that “dads are special.”

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However, social media users were not pleased with such a display of affections with some people saying that the photo looks photoshopped, while others claimed that Thomas does not look very happy.

Was it Samantha’s plan to show Meghan that she has an amazing relationship with their dad, which the Duchess supposedly “ruined" for herself? Knowing the attention-seeking 53-year-old, it very well might be.

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