Chip Gaines Couldn’t Be More Proud For His Pregnant Wife Joanna, And His Every Post Just Shouts About That

Date April 26, 2018 10:41

The love story of one of the most attractive couples on the TV is even more exciting than their life together. However, they both studied at Baylor University, but they didn’t meet there. On the contrary, it was Joanna’s side job that united them, and in particular, the picture of her family that Joanna’s father put behind a counter at his work did all the job.

Chip fell in love with the image in the picture and dropped by at her dad’s store until he met his love. He knew right then he would marry her someday.

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And now when their fifth kid is on the way, Chip seems to be more in love with his wife than ever! Joanna has recently launched her cookbook at the Today Show. Magnolia Table Cookbook – that’s the name of the work Joanna has been working on for quite a while. And it seems she wouldn’t have done it without the support of her beloved husband.

He seemed to be more excited about her than anyone else. Chip shows his support in every way he can, and posting supporting Instagram posts as well as saying "I love Joanna Gaines" is his way of being the best hubby ever!

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Their body language testifies to mutual love and admiration. The way they look at one another, hold hands, and even pose for photographs proves they are happy. That’s the love and family everyone should strive for! So, let’s wish them good luck and lots of new projects!