“I Thought He'd Killed Her,” Shania Twain Unveils The Worst Memories Of Her Abusive Childhood

Date May 8, 2018

Shania Twain is one of those self-made celebrities who had to earn everything on their own, and her difficult childhood was just another motivation for the singer to pull it through and survive.

She experienced the a severe hunger when going to school because her family couldn’t buy groceries – that’s only a small part of what she had lived through when being a child.

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Her stepfather, Jerry Twain, adopted her when she was 4. And her mother, Sharon, had constantly been abused since then. The most terrifying experience Shania remembers was when Jerry plunged her mom’s head into the toilet. It was the moment she thought her mom was dead.

So I'd gone though the shock and experience of really believing my mother had died at that moment. Also, through the humiliation of how I thought she had been killed, by drowning in a toilet seat. ... It was very, very obviously very hard to take.

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Nevertheless, Shania regrets they aren’t with her now. A car crash took their lives, and the woman wished they could be here to see her success and feel proud of her.

My only regret in all of it is that my parents are not here to see it.

When it comes to losing people, all negative memories vanish, and people remember only the nicest things about individuals they loved.

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Shania Twain