Love Decided By The Weather: How Shirley Temple Black Found Happiness With Alden Black

Date August 22, 2018

Everything for this woman happened too early: her marriage, divorce, and even the death of her husband.

Shirley’s marriage

She got married being 17 to a man, John Agar, an Army Air Corps sergeant and physical training instructor, whom she met at 15. Just 3 years later, she gave birth to a daughter, but already in 22, her marriage suffered a divorce.


Luckily, after that, she found her new love, Charles Alden Black, a World War II Navy intelligence officer. They had 2 kids together and were married for 54 until his death in 2005.


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Happiness with Alden Black

The couple and children wouldn’t exist if not for a sheer coincidence – unfavorable weather conditions for surfing in 1950 in Honolulu.


The thing is, Charlie Alden Black was an avid surfer, and he preferred it to everything else. However, that day, he was invited to a party and didn’t skip it because of the weather.


That’s where he met the love of his life – the woman who was with him his whole life and gave birth to his two kids.  


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Husband’s death

Shirley Temple's husband died in 2005 – he had suffered from the bone disorder myelodysplastic syndrome for nearly three years. Temple Black is survived by their son, Charles, and daughter, Lori, as well as her daughter from the first marriage to John Agar – Susan.



They had a great life together with their sorrow and joy, but the main things left are great memories and their kids that will always remember their parents happy and full of life.

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