"Don't Say 'My Adopted Child'": Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Motherhood And Adoption

Date May 23, 2018

What do we know about Sandra Bullock? She’s the Oscar-winning actress, philanthropist, producer, and restaurant owner. But the 53-year-old is also a loving mother to her 2 kids – Louis (8) and Laila (5).


Both children were adopted, but the actress urges other people not to emphasize this fact. After all, when someone opts for in vitro fertilization or surrogate, they don’t call their kids ‘IVF children’ or ‘surrogacy children’.

Let’s all just refer to these kids as “our kids.” Don’t say “my adopted child.”


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Adopting a child may actually be difficult. As Sandra says, the worst part of it is a placement period when the kid can still be taken away. And it’s even harder not to mess up during these 6 months when you are a celebrity:

We had an allergy scare that sent us to the ER, and we were followed by the paparazzi. And everyone wanted photos. It was heartbreaking.


What is Bullock’s parenting style?

The actress hopes to raise her kids fearless, grounded, and just normal. Although she's often busy filming, she does everything she can for little Louis and Laila. Sandra takes them to school, picks them up, and helps with homework and art projects.


Bullock also enjoys shuttling her kids to birthday parties, museums, and zoos. And in return, Laila and Louis make Sandra a better person:

I’m more patient and accommodating. I really appreciate where I am.


The kids are sure lucky to have such a loving mother!

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