Melania Trump Is Brutally Critisized For Wearing Hat Symbolizing Colonial Rule In Africa

Date October 8, 2018 18:15

It was Melania Trump’s first time in Africa, and we should admit, her first major solo trip abroad as the First Lady of the United States didn’t disappoint. The 48-year-old visited four countries across the continent, danced with children, and even fed elephants! By zigzagging across Africa, she was highlighting children’s and women’s health and promoting her "Be Best" campaign.

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But, unfortunately, some people paid more attention to what the Slovenian beauty was wearing rather than doing. While being on a Kenyan safari, Melania wore a white pith helmet – the headgear that some consider a symbol of European colonial rule.

Many internet users rushed to Twitter to criticize the First Lady, outraged that she was wearing something closely associated with the exploitation and oppression across Africa.

Luckily, the criticism was not universal

Meanwhile, local residents started defending the president’s wife by saying that nobody there was interested in any sort of misinterpretation. After all, this is just a headwear, and the First Lady looks stunning in it, doesn’t she?

Instead, they believe that the media should’ve focused more on Melania’s visits to orphanages and hospitals. Thoughts?

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