Body Language Expert Explains The Truth Behind Tiffany And Donald Trump's Relationship ‘Drama’

Date July 11, 2018

Like in every family, it’s quite natural that some children spend more time with their parents than other siblings. What’s about the Trump family? Is there an outsider in the president’s clan?

A body language expert explains the truth behind Tiffany and Donald’s father-daughter relationships.


What does a body language say?

It goes without saying that in such a big family as the Trumps, there always will be those who are the center of overall attention and those who stay aside from public eyes.

Unlike Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka, Tiffany Trump doesn’t spend so much time with her dad. Of course, the possible reason for that may be Ivanka’s involvement in her father’s work. The First Daughter is the president’s adviser in the White House.

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But what’s about Tiffany? A body language expert, Blanca Cobb, analyzed the father-daughter’s relationship through the years.

Take a look at this picture of 3-year-old Tiffany with her dad. Cobb explained that Trump is looking toward his daughter, which signals that he wants to care for her.

And here is another one in which Tiffany wished her father a very happy birthday. The girl again had the same attention from Donald.

Cobb explains:

When parents are attentive to their child, they’ll look at them, which is exactly what Trump did in these photos.

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Now, let’s examine another picture in which Tiffany is a bit older. The photo was taken three years ago on Father’s Day. The father and daughter share a sweet hug and cheek kiss. The body language expert commented:

You lean towards someone you like or in this case, love. Tiffany leans in to get closer to her dad. A tender moment between father and daughter.

The next photo was taken at Tiffany’s graduation ceremony. No doubt, Donald is very proud of his younger daughter. However, Blanca Cobb noticed one tiny detail:

Although Donald and Tiffany are smiling, it’s interesting that his arm is resting by his side instead of wrapped around her back, which is what we typically see when people pose for photos this way.

Do Ivanka and Tiffany share a close connection?

The bond among the siblings may be no less close as a connection between parents and children. When you look at Ivanka and Tiffany, do you think the sisters make friends?


In an interview with People in 2016, Ivanka Trump commented on her relationship with her little sister.

 I’ve been close to Tiffany her whole life, and I really love her.

The First Daughter added that although she and Tiffany grew up in different places, they share a very special sisters’ bond, often talk to each other, and like to spend holidays together.

It looks like a reported drama considering Tiffany Trump’s intense relationships with the rest of the family and her father Donald, in particular, is a little bit exaggerated. Tiffany and Donald are just doing great.

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