Todd Fisher Recalls The Last Conversation With His Late Sister, ‘Star Wars’ Legend, Carrie Fisher

Date July 13, 2018

Everyone who lost a close person knows how hard it could be to cope with the grief. Todd Fisher lost two of his loved people – his mother Debbie Reynolds and his sister Carrie Fisher. How did Todd manage to deal with his grief and move on?


Last conversation

Todd Fisher is a popular American actor and film director who followed in the footsteps of his mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, and his father, singer Eddie Fisher. His late sister, Carrie Fisher, was a world-famous actress too. She was best known for her iconic role in Star Wars.



Two years ago, Todd lost both, his mother and sister, in a couple of days. Carrie passed away from a heart attack at the age of 60. Her mother’s demise came just a day later. She died of a stroke aged 84.

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Todd keeps a legacy of both women alive through his memoir “My Girls” in which he tells what helped him cope with the tragic loss of his mother and sister.

In the book, Fisher recalls his last conversation with Carrie.

We were talking about traveling together and doing other things, and she was still a little angry at me because the party I had to sort of force down her throat, but my mom wanted it…



In his book, Todd described a special bond he shared with his late sibling.

The relationship between brother and sister, the bond, is so deep… I remember Carrie said 'We have to be OK with each other. It’s the foundation.'

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Faith will help

Losing a mother and a sister in such a short period of time is devastating. But, of course, everybody has his/her own way to deal with a loss. Todd Fisher found comfort in faith.

Todd wrote in his book:

I’m a Christian. I happen to believe that we’ll all meet again… Carrie visits me in my dreams, and I appreciate that too… It was very heartbreaking, writing the book… But I had to do it. 



We hope Todd’s experience can help everyone who goes through the hard times or deals with a loss of their loved ones. Remember, there will always be a rainbow after heavy rains.

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