What A Great Husband! Donald Trump Supports Melania During Her First Public Appearance Since May: “People Love You, Honey”

Date June 8, 2018 11:23

First Lady Melania Trump got used to feeling pretty comfortable and confident in the spotlight. Perhaps, it’s due to her past modeling career. That is why her absence from public view didn’t stay unnoticed for social media users.

Finally, earlier this week, FLOTUS made her first joint appearance with her husband since May. People couldn’t miss how gentle Donald Trump was in relation to Melania calling her “honey” and patting his wife on the hand.


Melania and Donald make a joint appearance

After having not been seen in public for almost a month after she underwent kidney surgery, Melania Trump attended two official events during this week.

On Monday, the First Lady visited a White House event to honor military families who have lost relatives, the so-called Gold Star Families. FLOTUS tweeted on the event:

Tonight I was honored to pay tribute to our fallen heroes.

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On Wednesday, Ms. Trump joined her husband to attend a briefing on the coming hurricane season. As they sat around a conference table, the president introduced his wife to several members of his cabinet as “our great First Lady.” Then, Trump added:

She went through a little rough patch, but she’s doing great. The people love you. Thank you, honey.


Earlier on Twitter, President Trump complained about the fake speculation amid Melania’s absence and a number of conspiracy theories people shared on social media.

Well, it looks like there is no need to worry about our lovely First Lady. Melania is doing fine, and what’s more important, she has love and support of her husband.

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