It’s Heartbreaking! Rod Stewart's Wife Penny Lancaster Reveals Their 12-Year-Old Son Is Bullied At School

Date November 12, 2018 17:20

Being a child of celebrity parents has its pros and cons. Rod Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster, revealed their 12-year-old son is bullied at school over his father's fame.


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Rod Stewart’s son is bullied at school

When your father is a world-famous singer, it doesn’t always make life easier for you. Rod Stewart’s 12-year-old son knows this firsthand.

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Rod’s wife, Penny Lancaster, opened up that their teen son Alastair is bullied at school. The reason for this is his father’s fame.

Penny explained:

Silly things people say about his dad, which all of Rod’s kids have been through.


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Lancaster said that unlike other celebs’ kids, her son never shows off he is somewhat better than others only because he has a famous dad. Alastair even doesn’t like being dropped off to school in luxury cars.


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How Penny helps her son to deal with bullies

As every loving mother, Penny worries about her son. For this reason, she gave him a piece of advice, which has helped her a lot back when she was a teen.

Darling, the reason people bully is because they are not happy.

Lancaster explained she also was bullied at school because of her appearance. She was taller than all the boys in her class.

Fortunately, as Penny grew up, she understood that it makes no sense to react to bullying. You just need to get over it and focus on important things in life.


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We hope his mother’s wise advice will help Alastair with his problem. In fact, she is right. All bullies are just unhappy people who lack confidence. We can only feel sorry for them.   

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