Donald Trump Vs. Barack Obama: How The Presidential Dads Raise Their Kids Says A Lot About The Way They Rule The Country

Date September 5, 2018 14:03

Tell us what kind of parent you are, and we will tell you what kind of president you’re going to be. We are not joking. It appears there is a special link between parenting and presidential styles. Let’s discuss it on the example of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.


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Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama

The way the presidential dads behave at home says a lot about how they rule in the White House. The former and the current US presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, prove this suggestion.

At the times of his presidency, Obama gained a reputation of a humorous and thoughtful father. Barack and Michelle have two daughters together, Sasha and Malia.


During his press conferences, Obama often mentioned his daughters saying they “enchanted him with their resilience and hope.”

Trump also likes to speak about his children, but he mostly focuses on their professional qualities. Nevertheless, it will be fair to say that his daughter, Ivanka, and son, Donald Jr., are both involved in his administration activities and his business. So, it’s pretty clear that Trump focuses on their professional achievements.



Strong or tender dad?

Some people say that Donald Trump is rather strict with his children, even with the younger ones, Tiffany and Barron.

According to Trump, the mother should focus on raising the children, while he covered the finances. Once, Donald even confessed he never changed diapers to any of his kids, as “it is not a man’s job.”

Barack Obama, on the contrary, doesn’t hide his sensitive side.

In an interview with CNN, Obama recalled the moment of dropping his daughter Malia off at college. Barack said he was proud that he didn’t cry in front of her, despite it being like an open-heart surgery for him.


By the way, Michelle Obama once commented on the differences between Barack and Donald’s presidential styles. The former First Lady said:

I always sort of felt like the eight years that Barack was president, it was sort of like having the good parent at home…Now, perhaps, we have the other parent in the house, who allows to eat candy all day, and stay up late, and not follow the rules.


Of course, Donald Trump and Barack Obama differ in a number of aspects. They have different characters, and their vision on ruling the county may diverse, too. But we must agree that both men take their responsibilities of being a good father very seriously. They are proud of their children, and want them to be successful and intelligent people, just like every parent does.

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