Fans On Social Media Keep Warning Amy Roloff: "Chris Marek Doesn't Love You!"

Date September 5, 2018

It’s hard to live in the spotlight when your every single step is discussed in mass media. Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff got used to it though. But some comments from her fans still make Amy feel sad. Most of all when they relate to her boyfriend, Chris Marek.


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Behind the scenes of ‘Little People, Big World’

Fans watch the adventures of Little People, Big World stars since the show premiere in 2006. Real-life stories of the ‘little’ people can compete with even the most popular drama series.

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We watched how it all began with the Roloff family: how they worked on their farm, raised their kids, and welcomed new family members. Little Jackson and Ember Roloff just stole our hearts!


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When Amy and Matt Roloff announced their split, it was a real shock for the show fans. But then, the matriarch of the Roloff family found a new love.


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Fans warn Amy about Chris

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek announced they were officially dating at the end of 2017. Chris updated his Facebook status to ‘In a Relationship’.


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Some skeptics didn’t like Chris at first saying that he was just interested in Amy’s success on television. But, in fact, Marek has a pretty successful business of his own.

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Despite getting a divorce, Amy and Matt decided to continue running their farm together and living side by side there. Fans again attacked Amy’s new boyfriend accusing him of the hidden intentions. One social media follower wrote:

How ironic that all that work Matt did to give Amy all she has right now and this sleazy guy Chris is just living off Matt's hard work.

Other comments were pretty much the same. Fans warned Amy to stay away from Chris.

What does Amy think over all of this?

Despite all the warning messages, Amy Roloff looks totally happy with her new relationship. The star often posts photos of her and Chris together during their joint vacations and family celebrations.


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In an interview with People, Amy commented on her relationship with Chris:

I just never thought someone who is average size would be interested in me. But we have a good time together. I have fun with Chris. I never thought I’d be dating as a grandma, and it’s nice to experience that and be with someone.

It looks like it’s all clear between the two of them. Chris and Amy love each other and they don’t need to prove their feelings to anyone. We are so happy for them.

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