Amal Clooney Criticized Donald Trump During Her Recent Speech: “President Shouldn’t Ridicule A Woman”

Date October 16, 2018

An attorney for the human rights, Amal Clooney, expressed her controversial opinion on President Trump’s comments about Christine Ford. It looks like Amal does not share Trump’s position and has something to say back.


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Amal Clooney’s speech

Amal Clooney, a successful attorney and a wife of a Hollywood heartthrob, George Clooney, got a standing ovation for her speech at the Pennsylvania Conference for women 2018 on Friday.

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Amal got emotional while speaking about women’s rights and equality. But the key moment during Clooney’s speech came when she made a remark about Donald Trump and his recent comment about Christine Ford.

As you remember, earlier this month, Trump mocked Ford for her allegation that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her decades ago.

Amal criticized Trump in her speech:

A president shouldn’t ridicule a woman who courageously comes forward to allege abuse.


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The audience obviously liked Clooney’s speech which earned a standing ovation. However, not everyone supported Amal in her opinion.

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So many men, so many minds. Some people support Amal, others disagree with her position. Anyway, we live in a free country, where everyone has a right to express his/her thoughts. Do you agree?

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