Breaking News: Samantha Markle Apologized To Her Sister Meghan In An Exclusive Interview

Date October 2, 2018

It looks like one of the Markle sisters finally decided to put an end to their long-lasting feud and try to make things right. Samantha Markle apologized to Duchess Meghan in a brand new interview.


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Sisters’ feud

A week ago, Samantha Markle’s agent, Rob Cooper, said she is heading to the UK to meet her half-sister and to discuss with Duchess their father’s health.

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According to her agent, Samantha made several attempts to meet Meghan in private, but she didn’t respond to any of them. Therefore, Sam had no other choice than confronting Duchess of Sussex face to face.

But in the latest interview with Channel 5, Samantha unexpectedly changed her tone. Moreover, she apologized to her half-sister in public.

Samantha Markle apologized to her sister

Samantha explained that like the rest of her family, she felt upset for not being invited to the royal wedding. But since that time, they all have agreed to move forward and leave all the offenses in the past.

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Sam addressed to Meghan:

Believe or not, but we don’t love you any less. I just think that family can be this way when there’s confusion, when people are hurt… So, moving forward, I apologize and I wish things could be different.

According to Samantha, she didn’t have a chance to meet and talk to Meghan in person. We sincerely hope that after hearing Sam’s emotional apology, Duchess Meghan will finally forgive her sister and there will be peace in the Markle family.

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