Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle’s Relationship With Her Family Can't Be Fixed: “It Just Won’t Happen”

Date November 13, 2018 10:41

We believe that healthy relationships between all family members are very important. Unfortunately, not all families can boast of such an idyll. A royal expert revealed his opinion on the lasting feud in the Markle family. Is there any chance for them to make things right?

Family feud

If you follow the life of the British royal family, you are probably aware of Duchess Meghan’s tense relationships with her father and half-sister.

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Meghan reportedly hasn’t spoken to her father, Thomas Markle, for almost half a year. As you know, at the last moment, Mr. Markle refused to walk his daughter down the aisle during her big day.


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That’s not all yet. After that, Mr. Markle made a couple of interviews and revealed some personal facts from his daughter’s life, which were not confirmed by Duchess or Kensington Palace.

But Meghan has tense relationships not just with her dad. Their feud with her half-sister Samantha is no longer a secret to anyone.


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Now and then, Samantha Markle attacked Meghan and her husband Harry on social media. Then, she apologized for her words and said her only desire was to meet and talk with her sister. Again, Meghan did not comment on Samantha’s apology.


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What did an expert say?

According to a royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliams, there is no chance for the Markle family to make things right. In his opinion, Meghan’s relatives did too much to ask her for forgiveness.

After their outrageous behavior, it just won’t happen and I don’t think anyone expects that it ever would.

Fitzwilliams explained that even Meghan’s pregnancy won’t change anything in her relationships with the father and sister.

Meghan’s pregnancy and the birth of her first child will even come close to repairing the huge divides between her and the rest of the Markle family.

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Thank God, Meghan’s mother Doria and her loving husband are always by her side to support the mom-to-be.


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What do you think? Is there any possibility to stop the lasting feud in the Markle family?

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