Samantha Markle Is Heading To UK To Confront Duchess Meghan Face-To-Face Whether She "Likes It Or Not"

Date September 25, 2018 19:47

It looks like the Markle sisters will finally confront face to face. Samantha Markle is reportedly heading to the UK to have a ‘serious’ talk with her half-sister Meghan.


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The Markle sisters will confront face to face

Relatives don’t want to live Meghan Markle alone. According to Samantha Markle’s agent, Rob Cooper, she is heading to the UK to meet her half-sister. Samantha wants to discuss with Duchess their father’s health.

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According to Cooper, Samantha made several attempts to meet with her sister in private, however, Meghan didn’t respond to any of them. Therefore, Sam has no other choice than making this public.

Despite Samantha’s words about “not making this public,” we all remember that she had spoken multiple times in the media during the last months. The Duchess’ sister even attacked her husband Harry on Twitter for allowing his wife “to mistreat her family.”

People stood up for Meghan’s defense

The Duchess’ fans on social media stood up for Meghan's defense and doubted Samantha's ‘good intentions’.

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Thank God, Meghan has an army of her devoted fans. On the other side, maybe it’s good if the Markle sisters will finally meet and talk. They definitely have a lot to say to each other.

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