Unbelievable! Chris And Morgane Stapleton Expect Another Baby: "We’re Going To Make It Five”

Date November 5, 2018

There is no such thing as ‘too many babies’ for Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane. The couple announced they are expecting a baby No. 5.


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Baby No. 5 is on the way

In April, the iconic country couple Chris and Morgane Stapleton welcomed twin boys making a great addition to their family of four.


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Chris announced the bombshell news during his Friday concert at Madison Square Garden. In a video posted by The Blast, Chris addressed to the audience:

Some of you may know that we have four children. Now there’s four for us, but we’re going to make it five!


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The crowd took the news with the stormy applause and showered the singer with congratulations.

Chris and Morgane married in 2007. The lovebirds got together on the basis of their common devotion to the country music. Indeed, they even managed to transform their real-life chemistry into an impressive onstage duet.


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We are so happy for the Stapleton family. Kids are the greatest blessing. Chris and Morgane will soon have this blessing for the fifth time. Isn’t it the best news of the day?

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