When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade: Shannen Doherty Shared Her Amazing Transformation After Beating Breast Cancer

Date March 4, 2019 19:08

A cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest news anyone can ever hear as it makes it hard to picture a future and impossible to maintain the hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow.

For the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty, suffering from breast cancer was all that and more, as she considered life with the disease full of ‘dips and valleys'.


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Therefore, the news that she was finally in remission sparked a new zeal for life for Doherty who while admitting that things were tough, also considers it ‘a gift'.

It was a tough and challenging journey

Just like anyone who has suffered from cancer would reveal, everything from the initial diagnosis to the treatment is impossible to fathom and for Doherty, what really hit her was when her hair started falling off.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade: Shannen Doherty Shared Her Amazing Transformation After Beating Breast CancerKathy Kutchins /

Calling it her lowest point in the journey, she said:

I remember I got in the shower to wash my hair, and it just started coming out in clumps. I started screaming for my mom. I think that was harder than the surgeries.

For the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun actress, losing hair became the first real sign that cancer was truly changing her and this was overpowering on a personal level. 

She remembers that when she was almost giving up, her husband’s tearful words, ‘Please don’t leave me,” were the only thing that kept her above water.

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With time, the support she received from her close family and friends kept her going as she did everything to get better and today, she has become an inspiration.


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For example, from the surgeries and treatment, Doherty discovered a new strength she never knew she had. Sharing her new perceptions about life, she added that she considers strength, vulnerability, compassion, and grace as the things that define a great woman. For her, without cancer, she might never have come to appreciate these qualities.

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I learned to love myself again

Furthermore, even though her body changed with the journey, Doherty has not given up on herself and she has even started working out to restore her wonderful glow.

For the Heathers star, strength training and boxing are her new obsessions as she is keen to show her body some appreciation.


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Additionally, she is also seeing a nutritionist since she intends to restore the great health she enjoyed before cancer. She is clearly not taking any chances with her wellbeing and this is proof that she is determined to return back to her amazing life.


A post shared by ShannenDoherty (@theshando) on Doherty’s journey is inspirational as it shows that while illness might challenge us on a personal level, it can also help us to see life from a different viewpoint.

In her new life as a survivor, she has learned to find joy in simple things like time with family and in good health. She is truly a phenomenal woman. 

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