How Much Does Cher Hate Donald Trump? Her Twitter Can Tell, And It's Full Of Disdain For Mr. President

Date October 3, 2018

Cher is a famously outspoken person, who's not afraid to let others know what's on her mind. After decades of navigating the rough terrain of Hollywood, she knows that her voice matters and that confidence is the key to getting what she wants.

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The famous artist's sincere nature found the ultimate outlet – Cher often posts on Twitter, and there seems to be nothing she shies away from putting out into the world.

Severe anti-Trump stance

Cher is openly against Donald Trump, so she expresses her feelings about the President very loudly on Twitter. The singer's posts are often written in capital letters and she adds character to them by filling them with emojis.

She's been especially critical about Trump's actions during the recent hurricane Florence and has put America's leader to shame with her opinions. 

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Needless to say, when Cher has something to say about the President, nothing can stop her. But that's something she and Donald Trump have in common. He's also an active Twitter user, so maybe he's getting Cher's messages?

Hitting the limit

Once, Cher's anti-Trump tweeting got a bit too far. The celebrity referred to Donald as "cancer ravaging our nation," which she quickly regretted and deleted the post.


Публикация от Cher (@cher)

She even wrote an apology, admitting that she was too brutal with her message.

However, the apology wasn't enough and Trump blocked Cher on the social media platform. Perhaps, this was too much to handle even for the President.


Cher's fans support her

The artist's many followers celebrate Cher's outspoken nature and support her political opinions.

What do you think about Cher's activity on Twitter?

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