Shocked Fan Spotted Hillary And Bill Clinton Having A Date Night At Christina Aguilera’s Concert

Date October 4, 2018

Bill Clinton knows what a girl wants as he made his wife Hillary Clinton very happy by taking her to Christina Aguilera’s concert. Who would have thought that the former presidential couple is a big fan of the Mickey Mouse Club star’s melodic voice!

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On Wednesday night, the Clintons were spotted among the many Aguilera’s fans, who came to see her perform in New York.


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A lot of people were surprised, to say the least, to see Bill and Hillary and some went wild when they found out that they were sitting next to the former first couple. But as shocking as it sounds, the Clintons and the “Beautiful” singer go way back.


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Long-time friends

Previously, Christina was invited to perform for Bill and Hillary on many occasions. Moreover, when Hillary was campaigning to become president in 2016, Aguilera hosted a fundraising event for her. She also released a video encouraging people to vote for Hillary.

So, with such a great amount of mutual support, it doesn’t seem as surprising anymore to witness the Clintons having a blast at the Voice coach’s gig, does it?

Actually, they are not the only presidential couple who enjoys an odd concert from time to time. Barack and Michelle Obama are known to be big fans of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They have been seen attending concerts of the music power couple numerous times, dancing away with the crowds of fans.

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