Quite Awkward: Body Language Expert Analyzes Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip's Actions On Their Wedding Day

Date September 21, 2018

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s union was one of the most memorable days of her rule in Britain. The spectacular event took place on the fateful day of November 20, 1947. Their marriage is blessed with four kids, several grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Despite how in sync the Queen and her partner are, things were not so rosy at the beginning.


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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding day

The historic nuptials of then-Princess Elizabeth and her betrothed Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten occurred on a chilly day in November. It took place at Westminster Abbey and the entire England raged with joy. Prior to Elizabeth’s day, she was given several gifts from important people of Britain and the world. Among the gifts were Queen Anne and Queen Caroline's pearl necklaces.


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In the rush of the moment, young Princess Elizabeth forgot to wear her royal necklaces for the wedding ceremony. Luckily, the secretary came to her rescue and retrieved the jewels. The event went hitch-free and was a total triumph!


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Glamorous wedding but shocking revelations

With all the glitz and glamour of the Queen’s matrimony, one would think that the couple was cozy with each other as younger royals of today are. But the reverse was the case, as body language expert Judi James revealed. According to Judi, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s body language was shocking, compared to what citizens of Britain are used to today.


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The Queen took the front role of the ceremony as she ignored her husband to focus on the cheers from the crowd and perform her royal waving duties. This wasn’t unlikely, as status was of far more value than display of affection back then.

During the event, the couple embraced the roles that they would eventually perform for the rest of their union – with Prince Philip backstage, watching out for his wife, who is always in the spotlight.


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70 years after, and stronger than ever


70 years after a memorable alliance and the royal couple are still very strong. Although the Queen and Prince Philip never show affection towards each other in public, body language experts, Patti Wood Blanca Cobb, assert that the duo is still very much in love with each other. Analyzing some of the couple’s photos, the experts came to a conclusion that Prince Philip worships his Queen even though he is always behind her.


Another expert claims that in the midst of their ceremonious displays, the Queen and her man are no strangers to public display of affection. Regardless of what the cameras say, these results confirm that the Queen and Prince Philip's marriage is characterized by love and unanimity.

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