'Charlie's Angels' Star Jaclyn Smith Can't Hold Back The Tears As She Remembers Life Growing Up In Texas

Date June 8, 2018

Jaclyn Smith became extremely famous for playing private eye Kelly Garett in the trio that was Charlie’s Angels back in the 1970’s. But well before that, she already had a fast growing career as a model and actress.


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This week, she shared a photo on her Instagram account taken at her mansion in Beverly Hills. The 72-year-old actress was in an interview with some Texans and spoke about her time growing up in the state.


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Although Smith did not share details of the interview, she hinted that it was a very intimate and emotional experience. According to her, reminiscing her childhood had brought her to tears during the interview.

I did an interview with fellow Texans about my childhood and growing up in Texas. It was such fun reminiscing about all of those wonderful memories that will be a part of my life forever.


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There is still no word about when the interview will be released, but it is clear that Smith had some of the best times of her life in Texas. And fans are eager to hear all the juicy details.

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However, this is not the first time Smith has spoken about her early life in Texas. Speaking with Houston Chronicle in 2016, she said that returning to Houston always brought back bittersweet feelings. The simple things like riding her bike on the streets in her neighborhood made life like heaven.

Every corner is a memory. Just saying 'Houston' brings tears.


Houston for her was as fun "as living in an enchanted forest" and despite its immense size, she said it always felt like a small village.

There are so many great things that I miss, but Houston lives in my heart.

Smith also met her husband, Dr. Brad Allen, there. He was a heart surgeon at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. After operating on her father, Smiths’ mother asked him to accompany her to his car.


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The couple has been married since 1997. And though Smith has made a happy home in Beverly Hills, her heart will always be rooted in Texas.

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