Mandy Moore Found Out Her Mother Was Leaving Her Father For A Woman By Accident

Date June 8, 2018 15:01

Long before Mandy Moore was smiling her way into the hearts of millions of Americans on This Is Us', she was on the road with NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys. For a while, she tried her hands out at music, but her career was far from successful, and she out it on the backburner. Still, her 1999 hit song “Candy” earned her immense fame.


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Her first major appearance was in 2001’s high-school flick The Princess Diaries, starring beside Anne Hathaway. By 2002, she was Jamie Sullivan in A Walk to Remember. After that, she featured in several romantic comedies, including 2011′s Love, Wedding, Marriage.


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Her career took a nose dive after 2010, and Moore almost believed that she was done, even though she still saw some TV scripts coming her way. She shared her concerns with Leigh Blickley from Huffington Post over a phone call.


I really seriously contemplated, maybe this is it. Maybe I had my moment, and I was lucky to find some sense of success as a young person, and that’s all that was in the cards for me.

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Nevertheless, that changed when she scored a leading role in This Is Us. The NBC show catapulted her from dwindling star to paparazzi magnet. Moore plays Rebecca Pearson, a mother whose story unravels between the present, past, and future.


In a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show, Moore shared some intimate details about her relationship with her parents. According to her, discovering that her mother was leaving her father for another woman happened by accident.


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Moore said she stumbled on an email draft her mother, Stacy, wrote to her children, informing them of her intention to leave their father, Don Moore, for another woman. The information was shocking, but she said she kept it to herself, her reason being she did not want to ruin the family vacation by spilling the beans herself.


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Although she did not have any issues with Stacy leaving her dad for a woman, Moore said her father was heartbroken. But he soon moved on and remarried.

At a time, sexuality was somewhat of an issue with the Moores, as both her brothers are actually gay. Moore says her father Don once teased her about her sexuality, asking if she had any revelations of her own to make. Apparently, she did not.


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Moore’s mother and her partner moved to Arizona after the divorce. In the end, the This Is Us star says now all members of her family are happy and living their lives as they see fit.

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