Top Myths About The Royal Family That Are Entirely Untrue

Date June 11, 2018

Being a member of the British royal family comes with a lot of perks, but it’s not all fun and games. There are some rules which may seem a little over-the-top that members of the royal family have to adhere to, especially if they want to stay on the right side of Queen Elizabeth II.


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For starters, every royal must get the permission of the Queen before they announce their engagement. So even if Cupid seems in a hurry to get wedding bells ringing, royals have to wait.


Also, royals cannot weigh in on controversial issues, even if the public expects them to. It is even more frustrating that they are always in the news and constantly scrutinized by the media.

And if you are a fan, don’t expect any of the royals to sign you an autograph any time soon. This is understandable as forgery is still an issue anywhere in the world.


The royals get a lot of gifts and not just at weddings and other royal events. Courtesy demands that they accept every single gift, even if the royals suspect they may never have use for them or even like them at all.

You would think games would not get affected by royal rules, but sadly, they are. The Duke of York banned royals from playing Monopoly after he noticed people had the propensity to get violent. Thankfully, the royals are allowed to participate in other games. Just not Monopoly. Phew!


With so many rules, a lot of myths about the royal family have been born over the years. Many people believe that Queen Elizabeth II will skip Prince Charles as successor to the throne. But Prince Charles will only be skipped if he abdicates his position as heir.

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The Queen is not just a ceremonial leader. Besides being the head of the Church of England, she also appoints the Prime Minister following General Elections. Also, she holds the right to bestow knighthoods on deserving individuals.

Contrary to popular belief, the Union Jack is not raised to signify the Queen’s presence at the Palace. It is actually raised when she is away from the palace instead.


A book by Jeremy Paxman titled "On Royalty" claimed that Prince Charles had seven eggs boiled for him every morning and only ate one. This information is another myth that was debunked by the Palace on the FAQ section of Prince Charles’ website.


Another myth suggests that the Queen drinks four glasses of alcohol a day. The misinformation was as a result of the media misquoting chef Darren McGrady who was talking about the types of wine the Queen enjoyed, not the number of glasses she consumes.


Do you know any other myths about the royal family? Share them with us.

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