Alyssa Milano Shows Heart As She Offers To Foster Children In NYC Affected By Trump's Immigration Policy

Date June 22, 2018

President Donald Trump’s immigration policies have been in contention since he assumed office and more recently, the issue gained international attention. With the announcement of the “zero tolerance” policy in April, US border agents intensified their clamp down on illegal immigrants.


The worst part is that the White House, through White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, insisted that the family separation policy was in line with US laws. President Trump also stated several times that the policy was in order.

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However, a majority of Americans and notable people in the international community have called out the President. Even Pope Francis took time out to make a statement regarding President Trump’s immigration policy, calling his decision to separate children from their families “immoral.

The Pope made a valid point concerning the current US immigration policies, calling for tolerance as he said, a good number of American citizens were descendants of foreigners. The Pope joins the list of popular figures like George Clooney, Oprah, and Elelen DeGeneres who have openly criticized President Trump’s policy.

Meanwhile, the Charmed star Alyssa Milano is making a major move to help children suffering due to the immigration policy of the Trump administration. In a letter she wrote to the CEO of Cayuga Centers, Edward Myers Hayes, Milano volunteered to foster some of the hundreds of transport children in NYC.

I will register with the appropriate authorities so I can bring some of these children into my home and foster them during this time of need. Afterwards, I will help ensure they get the help they need to fight their cases, stay, and win. I am sure this is something many other Americans would consider a moral and patriotic duty, as well.


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Milano is a mother of two herself and says that she is giving as much as she can to make life a little better for the helpless children. She says she is offering “my home and my heart; my love and whatever stability I can give them until they can be reunited with a parent.

President Trump may have signed an Executive Oder ending family separation, but he did not say anything about how the children of immigrants being prosecuted will be taken care of. Thankfully, people like Alyssa Milano are stepping up to the plate.


Finishing her note, the actress said “Mi casa es la casa de ellosMy home is their home. Her gesture is a sign of hope that many more Americans will do what they can to provide comfort and stability for these children.

Earlier this week, George and Amal Clooney also made a major contribution to help migrant children. They gave the sum of $150,000 to another non-governmental agency to help support the children.

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